Exact Media

Exact Media is an e-commerce sampling company. They use the empty space in retailer parcels to sample CPG products and gain trial, awareness, new buyers and insights.

Exact Media hadn’t had a full time graphic designer until I started in January 2017. That meant that marketing materials were inconsistent at best and inaccurate at worst. I was tasked with getting the marketing materials reigned in, setting up new processes, and creating new standards.

From creating a new design request form (instead of accepting new design tasks via Slack messages) to redoing and updating all existing collateral, I helped set the company up for success. Exact Media sales people deal directly with some of the world’s biggest CPG companies and retailers, making it imperative to look and sound professional.

I created mockups for sales presentations for prospective campaigns, redesigned and developed a new website, reskinned/reorganized sell sheets, created new PowerPoint desks and much more in the first few months that I worked for Exact Media.

In the process, the company began to migrate to two directions: Connections by Exact and Exact Sampling. Connections is a platform that directly partners brands with retailers for paper insert campaigns. Exact Sampling was the term for the “core product”, product sampling within retailer parcels.

Along with those directional shifts, I was responsible for new logo and branding creation, along with marketing materials and new websites.


Exact Media/Exact Sampling Presentation Mockups

These mockups were requested by sales people whenever they were ready to present a new campaign to a brand and often required what was referred to as a “handshake card” to introduce the product as well as a mockup of what the sample package might look like to a consumer.


Exact Media Rebranding to Exact Sampling

I was tasked with rebranding our Exact Media logo and materials to “Exact Sampling” in order to differentiate the core product from the sister and parent companies.

After working through many iterations of home/surprise/sample icons, I landed on this version. It’s clean and fresh with references to a roofline, a shopping bag handle and movement.

The blue and orange color scheme was then applied to existing marketing materials to refresh them for the sales team.


Exact Sampling Website

This site was created so the core sampling business (now Exact Sampling) could have a separate web presence from Exact Media. The goals of the new site were to update the branding and clarify what the business does.

The new branding is more friendly, approachable and consistent. https://exactsampling.com/


Illustration Work


Connections Logo

This logo was developed for a new product offered by Exact Media: Connections. Connections is an online software tool designed to help brands and retailers create campaigns together more efficiently.

The concept for the brand was to relate it to molecular structures; each piece of a campaign creating a greater whole. The blue dot in the logo is a subtle reference to an atom and the design element is used throughout the website to help keep the brand cohesive.


Connections Explainer Video

This video was storyboarded, scripted and illustrated by me and animated by Danny Nguyen.