Coffee Filter Flora

I've been doing some experimenting with creating paper flowers for our wedding decor. After looking at many different methods and tutorials, it seems that a surprising material creates the most delicate, natural looking blooms. Coffee filters. After some searching I found two different tutorials with directions that seemed simple enough. This one from Two Shades of Pink and this one from Emmalee Design.Here is what I came up with:[gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="373,375"]The rose shaped flowers are made from natural colored cone shaped coffee filters and the carnation looking ones were made with bleached regular coffee filters. I dipped them both in a tea mixture (passion fruit and acai flavored varieties) and hung them upside down to dry. The natural coffee filters definitely didn't take the color as well, but I still like the light brown color they ended up with.I'm not sure how these flowers will be worked into the decorations and I still want to experiment with different methods and colors. I love the final product of this project, though!