My Winter 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

Turns out I'm a little late to the game on the whole "Capsule Wardrobe" thing, but I figure a great idea like this is something you can pick up any time. I stumbled across the blog and was totally inspired by the author's style, chic looks and realistic way to pare down her wardrobe.I definitely struggle with over-shopping. It's not so much that I buy a ton of expensive stuff, more so that I tend to buy random crap just because it's "only on sale for one day" or  "kind of my size" or "ridiculously discounted in the Target clearance section" (my weakness).In fact, here's a confession: I recently purchased a pleather mini skirt at The Gap outlet because it was only $4.00. I mean, come on. You can't beat that! And while I love the idea of a pleather mini, the only one they had was a size too big. "I'll take it!" I thought as I threw onto a growing bundle in my arms. "I'll just trim down the sides."I still have plans to try to slim down that skirt but it really made me realize that I was just buying things because they were inexpensive. Not because they were high-quality or something I'd wear often. Reading Un-Fancy helped kick-start another closet cleaning.I've purged my closet a few times in the last year. This time I found several pairs of pants that I hadn't worn in at least 4 years, a bunch of ratty t-shirts and a few nice dresses and sweaters that I had never worn simply because they didn't fit right. Of course, all found in the clearance section.I've decided to try out a winter capsule wardrobe even though we're halfway through the season. After doing a bit of online shopping (and returning things that just weren't right) I combined my new items with pieces I already own to create this winter capsule wardrobe. Of course, as a designer, I tend to think best when I have a visual, so creating the actual clothes and putting them together into outfits was key to figuring out what I should keep/buy.Winter-2016-WardrobeCapsule-01Winter-2016-WardrobeCapsule-02 Winter-2016-WardrobeCapsule-03So that's where I'm at with it! Everything that I purchased was, of course, on clearance. But I really tried to only buy things I would wear all the time and if they didn't fit I brought them back. I'm excited to stick with my capsule and see how much wear everything gets. These outfit layouts are going to be my cheat-sheets for when I'm feeling uninspired.

A Weekend in Granville

After attending a conference in L.A. earlier this week I was able to spend the weekend in Granville with my family. Brad surprised me at the airport and we were able to relax for a day or two before going back to work on Monday. The weather was fantastic all weekend and we got to spend a good chunk of time outside enjoying the short Ohio autumn.


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Walking to the Market

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The Farmer's Market

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Lunch at the Granville Inn

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Hope Timber

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The Denison Bio Reserve

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Camping on Parched Corn Creek

This past weekend Brad, Q and I took a trip down to the Red River Gorge for a short camping trip. We didn't do much besides relax and eat (and read all of Tina Fey's Bossypants in one day), but we had a good time. The gorge has a really beautiful mixture of evergreen trees, hardwoods, ferns, mosses and rhododendrons. It makes for a strange mix of a woods/sub-tropical atmosphere. Scroll down for some pictures!When we put Q's pack on she acts as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders... then you see her clear a five foot wide creek without getting a drop of water on herself and you don't feel so bad.The stuffed pepper worked out great! We might have left them in the coals a little too long though. Those red peppers were definitely roasted.We also got a chance to try out our new (used) $2 yard sale find. It's called a Kelly Kettle and you make a small fire in the bottom, then pour water into the walls of the double walled container and it rapid boils the water. It worked great for our morning coffee!Yum...bacon and eggs wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. All we needed was some salsa.I couldn't stop taking pictures of this little caterpillar. This is one of about 15.The hike out was a little rough...But Q handled it well.Brad had to carry her to clear a large boulder.And that was our trip! Like I said, we didn't do much, but I honestly just like getting away from all of the distractions in my life. What do you guys like to do to get away from it all?

Dinner, Field Notes, and a Smoothie

We had some steak to eat two nights ago so Brad wanted to do steak, potatoes and slaw (one of his favorite combos). We just seasoned the steak with some Montreal steak seasoning we picked up from the market, pan fried it in our cast iron skillet, and quartered and boiled some potatoes for mashing. Now, I have never actually owned Kosher salt, but I picked some up at the store a couple days ago. I'm telling you, those mashed potatoes we SO GOOD. I think the salt was a deciding factor. (The butter, milk, a touch of half and half and sour cream weren't factors at all. No way). We had some leftover shredded cabbage from the Asian Chicken Salad so I mixed up some dressing and made coleslaw. The dressing I use is: 1 cup mayo, 2 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and some celery salt and black pepper. I just refrigerate the excess dressing and use it as needed. Here are the results:(Note the red neck drinking jar and homemade pickles)Last night we were walking home from Bakersfield and we passed by a little store on the corner called Smartfish Studios. This girl is pretty amazing: she opened a little store with sustainable art supplies and she also makes shoes out of the storefront. They're great! Anyway, she had Field Notes books prominently displayed in the front window. My Dad has been using the Field Notes books for years and Brad just got some too so I was feeling a little left out. Also, I've recently had all sorts of new ideas for dresses and such, but nowhere appropriate to write them down. So I got some too!Aren't they pretty? Lastly, I decided I was going to the gym this morning. It takes a lot for me to move my butt to get there, but once I'm done I feel so good. So why does it feel like a chore? Anyway, I made myself a big old smoothie this morning to help myself get ready. Also, I decided I would treat myself to a trip to Hancock Fabrics (which is right around the corner from the gym) after I went. Remember all those dresses I've been dreaming up? They won't be anything but ideas until I get some fabric... Anyway, here's my delicious and nutritious smoothie. It contains: Greek Gods Yogurt (plain), raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, frozen bananas, milk to make it drinkable and a touch of honey for sweetness.

Ok now I'm really going, for real. Just think of the fabric....

A Walk in the Park

Just a few photos from a walk in the park today. We have this really great little dog park about a block and half away and we end up taking Q there several times a week. I also got a good chance to take some better pictures of the eyelet skirt in action (against a dilapidated building - deconstruction chic!) Oh! and I want the pretty blue dresser in the window of that store. But I think I can find some glass knobs, buy a thrift store dresser, and paint it blue for less than $75. Maybe for a weekend project?