Beaded Layered Necklace

I've seen quite a few simple, delicately beaded necklaces lately and I wanted to try my hand at making one. This project only took about an hour to make and turned out great!BeadedNecklace_2BeadedNecklace_4BeadedNecklace_3BeadedNecklace_1

Materials & Measurements:
How To:
Thread a crimp bead onto the three stands of beading line toward the ends. Add a jump ring after you put the crimp bead on.  Take the ends of the three lines and thread the back through the crimp bead, closing them around the jump ring. Use needle nose pliers to crimp. Thread your beading needle onto the first and shortest line. This may take a little adjusting as the line is thicker than the hole in the needle, it helped me to flatten the end of the line with pliers. Start threading on your first bead color until you reach the first measurement (I dipped the needle into a bag of beads which seemed to take a lot less time than threading them on one by one.) Switch to your metallic beads and continue switching back and forth until you've threaded each section on that line. Add a piece of tape to the end to keep the beads from falling off. Repeat this process with each length of beading line, making sure to follow the measurements. Repeat the crimp bead and jump ring process on the other end, making sure not to pull the line too tight. Open the jump rings and add your clasp. That's it! Enjoy your creation and try your own variety of colored beads, measurements and patterns.