Unboxing Petit Vour January 2015

As always, I was super excited to get my Petit Vour box in the mail this month, so I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived yesterday instead of next week. In this month's box they included:100% Pure French Lavender Hand Buttercream ($8)EVOLVh Leave-In Conditioner ($8, Full Size $26)Modern Minerals En Pointe Eye Shadow ($12.50)Raw Skin Ceuticals Rose Creme Cheek Color ($15)[responsive]IMG_2974[/responsive][responsive]IMG_2978[/responsive]The hand cream is perfect for this time of year and I will definitely be keeping this in my purse. The lavender scent is light and floral and the consistency of the creme is super luxurious.[responsive]IMG_2979[/responsive]I've only used the leave-in conditioner once so far and I'm not sure about it. The scent is really nice and citrusy and it definitely detangled my hair, but now my hair feels kind of weighed-down and a little sticky. I have really fine, stick-straight hair, though, so it may just not work for me. I think I'll have to give this one a little more time before I make a judgement on it.[responsive]IMG_2977[/responsive]At first when I swatched this eye shadow on my hand it didn't look like much. When I applied it on my eyes, however, it turned into a beautiful new-penny iridescent shade. It's really nice and subtle with the right amount of shine. I love that it's a full size product, too.[responsive]IMG_2976[/responsive]This cream blush scared me a little at first. It looks pretty purple and when I tried some on my hand it was straight up chalky lavender. Not really what I want in a blush. I usually like more warm peachy colors and this looked way too cool for my skin tone. After reading the description on the card, though, I tried it on my cheeks using a teeny tiny amount of product. After using my normal powder foundation over it I had a perfect, subtle color on my cheeks. The best part is that this blush is so highly pigmented that it will last a really long time.I took a few photos after doing my makeup with these new products so you can see them in action.[surow][sucolumn size="1/3"][responsive]IMG_2985[/responsive][/sucolumn] [sucolumn size="1/3"][responsive]IMG_2984[/responsive][/sucolumn] [sucolumn size="1/3"][responsive]IMG_2988[/responsive][/sucolumn][/surow]In case you're interested, here are all the products I used:French Girl lip tint in Cerise (another Petit Vour item)Yes to Grapefruit CC cream in LightEveryday Minerals cream stick concealer in SandRaw Skin Ceuticals creme blush in RoseNYX matte foundation powderModern Minerals eye shadow in En PointeNYX cream eyeliner in BlackUlta plush drama mascara in BlackThat's all, folks!